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IT Consulting
& Services

We are leaders in IT services and information technology consulting, 12 years and many satisfied customers support us.
We provide the best services together with the best human resources to give your company the excellence you need in your company

Our Services

Each of our services are designed to improve your business whatever it is

Our Services

Cloud Solutions

Consistency in infrastructure
Consistency in operation

Manage your entire portfolio of applications in native and hybrid public clouds:

Migration to Cloud Scalability as needed 

Managed IT Services

Our it administration service guarantees continuity of operation at the logistical level, management of good business practices, recommendations for improvement along with audits that lead you to improve and exceed the performance of your company.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
Our disaster recovery scheme offers you from your alternate site, your backup in the cloud, your audited vulnerability analysis, your support through the D2D2C philosophy.


We had multiple servers with different services and applications. We had duplicate information that took away space and processing performance. It is virtualized in a cluster and backs up in the cloud with a significant increase in performance and maintenance savings.

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

Ready to find out more?

We are ready to learn more about your technological challenges, logistics and IT pains.
We prepare a session for you and make an evaluation for free to have your panorama of improvements.

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